12 Amazing Secrets for Unlocking More Sales and New (Happy) Customers:
The Blueprint for Discovering Your Brand’s Unseen
Potentially Increase Sales By Attracting More of Your Ideal Clients and Leveraging Your Company's True Super Powers to Create An Unfair Competitive Advantage
12 Amazing Secrets Offer

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Your business super powers are really another way to define your brand's biggest advantages over all other competitors... Many companies just don't see how to identify which powers are the best for their market in attracting their ideal clientele.. Throw in COVID restrictions and now chances are you need fresh ways to reach your audience... and fast.

The '12 Amazing Secrets' package gives you the secret blueprint for unlocking & enhancing your biggest advantages so you can potentially grow your business to the next level.

What Would Having A Truly Special Set Of Competitive Advantages Mean To You?

From: Ian Atchison
Where: Wellington, Florida

What will '12 Amazing Secrets for Unlocking More Sales and New (Happy) Customers' mean for you?

For everyone it's different...

So many of us have been adversely effected by COVID and the recent economy, that frustration, confusion and depression have been at an all time high for so many business executives.

That's why more than ever, I've been on a quest to reach more business owners, sales executives and start-up companies so that they could easily unlock their real potential that already resides inside their company brand. For over 27 years I've been working with company brands, large and small, and after years of advising, finally cracked the ideal methodology that I've personally seen yield the most success for my clients.

I think every business executive knows deep down that they have super powers... It's what helps you be the leader you are today and why people look up to you and why people go to you for all the answers. But these are unprecedented times and you need next level guidance to reach all your goals... You need new confidence and a real plan for creating something special that will help reach all your sales and marketing goals.

The life your want, the marriage your want, the family you want, the respect and freedom to do want you really want... that is going to be fueled by the business you build starting right now..

Learn the Steps You Can Follow to Help Increase Sales & Attract More of Your Ideal Customers By Leveraging Your Company's True Super Powers to Create An Unfair Competitive Advantage

Your company has superpowers that may excite and inspire your customers to happily buy from you. But, chances are, these unique abilities are hiding in plain sight and they need to be amplified to be utilized in a more desirable way.

I have spent weeks of time and leveraged my 27 years of marketing experience to offer these '12 Amazing Secrets' to help you unlock your brand’s super powers for bigger sales. Each secret has multiple layers of questions to help provide you the customized answers on your own exciting discovery.
Customers Who See Your Real SUPER POWERS Are Seeing Your TRUE VALUE.
These 12 Amazing Secrets Can Help Your Business Immediately After Reading and Answering All the Questions
For Only $7
Yes... for about the price of a small frozen pizza, you can get access to a blueprint that took me years to create... after dozens of branding meetings with impressive companies of all shapes and sizes in a variety of industries. These refined secrets and insightful questions can bring game changing answers for every company type.

YES Ian! Give Me Instant Access To The '12 Amazing Secrets' Blueprint RIGHT NOW For Just $7!

Why Do You Need This?
And Why Is Now The Greatest Time To Take Action?

There Is No Better Time Than Now
COVID-19, international conflicts and inflation has created chaos in every market. It's a great time to implement changes or to develop a brand that can invigorate sales and customer trust. Waiting just gives you the same results, which could be disastrous or too late for your business. You have to think ahead and do things that put you in the right position.
It's Going To Cost You A Lot More If You Do Nothing... Or Hire An Expensive Ad Agency
I've had conversations, when combined, with thousands of marketing executives, business owners, venture capitalists, marketing managers, project leaders and product designers all with big aspirations to succeed and grow. This insider knowledge simply doesn't get detailed in a guest speaker event...Or encapsulated inside such an easy to follow blueprint like this. And you might otherwise pay THOUSANDS of dollars with a branding agency, who would never likely talk to a small business, or at least, without you first paying hefty upfront deposits and months of meetings.
Your Customers Deserve The Best Your Business Can Deliver
People want the best products and services for a great price that exceeds their expectations quickly. Your brand needs to deliver the right value to the right customers so they become your biggest fans.
There Is Too Much Competition To Sit Idle And Do Nothing
Thanks to the Internet, product reviews and a slew of apps, people can find your competition in record time. You need to start shifting the conversation so your business and brand is compared to everyone else as the gold standard for excellence. Be the best in class, not one of the pack.
Your Brand Is More Powerful (And Worth More) Than You May Realize
How much is in a name? Ask Yahoo. They sold their name and remaining software assets for 4.48 billion dollars in 2017. Chances are you can still remember that little jingle. "YAA HHH OOO OOOO". What can your brand do? How much can your company be worth? It all starts with your brand's well defined super powers.

Why Not Learn From Someone Who Might Save You Years of Time (And MONEY)?

Can you make changes yourself? Of course. But how would you really know the decisions you made were the right ones? How would you even know if you brand could be better without someone asking tough questions and challenging the status quo?

It is much better to skip years of trial and error, many tens of thousands of dollars and immeasurable opportunities lost. The value in unlocking your brand's true super powers that may increase revenue with your ideal target customer is massive.

This Secret Blueprint Makes It Possible for Sales & Marketing Executives to Potentially Increase Sales and Help Navigate this Chaotic Marketplace
In fact...
This guide will possibly supercharge your marketing team without spending a ton of money on unfocused advertising that blows through all your reserves.
With Super Powers for Your Brand You Will Learn Some Powerful Business Secrets Few Others Know
  • ​Your Top Business Advantages
  • ​How To Spot Your Competition's Super Powers
  • Learn What An Exceptional Company Can Mean To YOU
  • ​Learn What Your Business Really Does From A New Customer's Perspective
  • ​Identify Your Best Super Powers
  • ​Better Define Your Ideal Customers
  • ​​What a Brand Really Is
  • Learn What Helps Power Your Decisions
  • ​Understand Your Dreams For The Company
  • ​Learn What Problems You Are Actually Solving With You Super Powers (Competitive Advantages)
  • ​Learn How To Leverage Your Powers For Good
  • ​How to Focus on Next Steps
Ian Atchison is an expert in helping business owners and marketing teams get respect through intelligent creative action, strategic insights and brand development.
Education & Experience:

• Business owner of a marketing agency for over 20 years
• Over 28 years in marketing & design experience
• Knowledge Business Broker™ Graduate and Certified Mastermind™ Professional
• House of Genius™ Panelist for Business Startups
• Graduated San Jose State University with Bachelors in Multimedia Design
• Over 386 clients since 2002 at Insyntrix
• Ian Atchison has completed projects for Actian, Adobe, Baxter, The Children's Hospital, Colorado Department of Health, CoorsTek, The Denver Broncos, Guavus, HealthOne, HP, Jeppesen, Medtronic, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Sinclair, Sirius XM, Sysco Foods, Toyota, Wilfley and Vitrazza

Here Are Just A Few Of The Brands I Have Helped Transform Over 20 Years As Owner Of My Marketing Firm: Insyntrix

Friends of Ian Who Got A Powered Up Brand For Their Business
Some Testimonials

Deb Paino, Project Manager at T.D. Williamson

"Ian is in the business of transforming organizations who are anxious to take the next step. I have watched him help build many successful companies over the years, including my own."

George Pardo
CEO of Vitrazza

"If your small business needs a refreshed marketing & advertising approach, call Ian."

Rebecca Yaffe, VP of Creative Services at Sunday

"Ian Atchison has an uncanny ability to cut through the noise with any client and get to the heart of what their business really wants and needs. I am always astounded at the seamless way in which he moves a client from their worries and uncertainties about their brand, their website, their marketing approach, or a myriad of other things, to a place where they feel confident that they are going in the right direction…and Ian is taking them there."

Super Powers Help Focus Your Strengths and Make Them Gifts For Your Customers To Value
This mood board example below was created to visually showcase a startup client's newly defined super powers: "Cool Groups", "Connection" and "Inclusive". This client went on to create a new dating website for singles shortly after our Insyntrix branding program based on this same branding methodology offered to you today. 

**Any testimonials or examples are real experiences from paying clients of Insyntrix or Ian Atchison. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, resources, business model, and market forces beyond our control.

Your Unique Competitive Advantages Help Sharpen Your Sales & Marketing Program.
With your company super powers well defined, you might save thousands of dollars by not wasting time and money on ineffective ads and sales opportunities.

When You Get Your Copy Of '12 Amazing Secrets' For Just $7 (Valued at $145.00)
You ALSO Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
ALL OF THEM - There's 3!
Bonus #1 - Developing Your Super Powers Bonus Video
SUPER BONUS: Ian Atchison explains the '12 Amazing Secrets' in a 36 minute video.
Total Value: $235
You will gain members-only access to an exclusive video where I teach and explain the '12 Amazing Secrets' in more detail. You can watch this video as many times as you want and even have your whole team follow along and get a better understanding for even more game-changing results.

Watch this explainer video and understand my train of thought, experiences and my guidelines for helping you answer some tough questions designed to unlock your super powers. Your biggest competitive advantages may be more easily discovered with this ultra helpful video bonus from marketing expert Ian Atchison.
Watch This For FREE When You Order '12 Amazing Secrets' Today! 
Bonus #2 - Invitation to The Exclusive Facebook Group:
Business Strategy & Tactics for 10X Growth
Exclusive Insider Knowledge From Leading Business Professionals Across the US Inside A Private Facebook Group
Total Value: $215
This Facebook group is growing and you are going to want to be a part of it. This group is INVITE ONLY and you will be invited to it when you take advantage of this special offer.

Instead of just seeing "Uncle Bob" chug another cold one in your Facebook feed, you can now be getting access to the thoughts and advice of leading business professionals in all types of markets. These are like-minded business executives who are looking to learn and share on a daily basis.

Just one tip you learn from this group could change your mindset and help you win a deal or modify your hiring practices. It's hard to put a value on this group because the ideas you learn about could help propel your business to the next level.
Get Access For FREE When You Order '12 Amazing Secrets' Today! 
Bonus #3 - Top 26 Business Marketing Challenges Evaluation Company Survey
The Top 26 Business Marketing Challenges Evaluation Company Survey
Total Value: $165
These are the top 26 questions I have asked over and over and over again to some of the biggest enterprise corporations to the smallest of start-ups for self-evaluating their brand, marketing and sales assets. Typically, many of these questions were asked by myself and my sales team with newly engaged clients who were spending thousands of dollars on branding and strategy consultations.

This tool is extremely helpful in getting team opinions out in the open by scoring what they really think about your brand, your marketing and sales programs. It forces you to answer some tough questions you may not ever get asked by anyone again.

You may be surprised by the answers you put down compared to other team members... And that's good! What you think is awesome, maybe everyone else thinks is just kinda dumb. It's better to know and not assume anything when it comes to maximizing your marketing efforts... and dollars.

This printable PDF survey acts as a springboard for finding strengths and weaknesses in your marketing strategy and tactics. A great bonus my company has used in consultations many times with great results.
Get This For FREE When You Buy '12 Amazing Secrets' Today! 
So There Must Be A Catch, Right?
I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.
So why am I doing all this for such a low price?

I am not going to get rich and retire off your $7 investment. But if I just offered all this for free, you likely wouldn't value it and wouldn't take it seriously. It's like the free toy in a cereal box. Yawn. Putting a small investment down towards your future business growth is not a catch in my view. It's a step towards committing to something better than you have now.

I do hope that by learning a few things from me, that you might in the future find other things I talk about valuable. I'm looking to earn your trust as a long term subscriber to my knowledge by flexing my super powers. Maybe that's the catch? I hope you see it as honest.

Yes. You very well should be 100% satisfied with these new insights and how they can be applied to your business to unlock your competitive advantages. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money upon request and quickly.
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
Take Action To Grow.
I'm an experienced business owner; I am absolutely testing out new offers to see what works the best. You should be doing the same thing in your business.  What you see here, may not last long as I try out other marketing secret offers on different people and/or with different bonus items with different prices. This price of $7 will probably be changing very soon.
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My '12 Amazing Secrets'.
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
YES IAN! Give Me Instant Access To The '12 Amazing Secrets' And BONUS MATERIALS RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00!
  The 12 Amazing Secrets Blueprint for Unlocking
       More Sales and New (Happy) Customers:
       The Blueprint for Discovering Your Brand’s Unseen
       Super Powers                                                                              (Value $145)
  Full Access To Ian's Bonus Explainer Video                        (Value $235)
  Invitation to The Exclusive Facebook Group:
       Business Strategy & Tactics for 10X Growth                     (Value $215)
  Top 26 Business Marketing Challenges
       Evaluation Company Survey                                                  (Value $165)
Total Value: $760
Today Just $7
I'm excited for you and want your new brand superpowers to be awesome. You have special competitive advantages. It's time you learned how to use them to help attract the customers you want. You got this!

Thanks again,
Ian Atchison
P.S. -"Action Conquers Fear!" -- Tony Robbins
YES IAN!  Give Me Instant Access To
"12 Amazing Secrets" RIGHT NOW For Just $7!
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  • Top 26 Business Marketing Challenges Evaluation Company Survey
Total Value: $760
Today Just $7

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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $29: This helpful digital workbook is an interactive webpage to help you fill out your answers to all the questions presented in the '12 Amazing Secrets Blueprint' PDF. This digital OnePager workbook will save and change your answers in real time on your own dynamic webpage that you can access anytime. Share with colleagues and add notes as you watch the bonus video... All from this interactive digital workbook. A welcome addition for enhancing your discovery as you work to unlock your brand's true competitive advantages. Just check the box next to the red arrow to automatically add this special one time offer to your order. Easy!

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